Custom Donations

Online Donation Management

One of our larger projects, Custom Donations encompasses a marketing website, an administrative website, APIs that drive the donation platform, a database, and a demo website.

Custom Donations is a MASDEV company and provides fully customizable online donation processing services to nonprofits. The embeddable, mobile-friendly donation forms integrate directly into any website.

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Church at Sandhurst screen shot

Church at Sandhurst


The Church at Sandhurst is an independent Bible church. This means that we are not associated with a larger denomination, and the truths we believe are those revealed by God in the Bible. Our members come from many different denominational backgrounds and we unite under Christ, not under one particular denominational banner. Our goal is to be a modern expression of the historic Christian faith, or in other words - to keep our feet planted on the ancient Word, and our finger on the pulse of today.

MASDEV provided web design, blog, calendar, live-streaming, hosting, and online donation management.

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uwflorence.org screen shot

The United Way of Florence County


The United Way of Florence County has been a cornerstone of the social service sector in Florence County for over 60 years. The United Way of Florence County brings together citizens, community leaders, business, the faith-based community, local government, non-profit organizations, and many more to ensure measurable results on issues that require collective, not just individual, actions are delivered.

MASDEV provided web design, hosting, and online donation management.

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MinervaCenterFoundation.com screen shot

Minerva Center Foundation


Minerva Center Foundation's primary goal is to promote and support youth activities that will augment opportunities for social, academic, cultural, emotional and physical growth to assist teens in meeting the basic needs to grow productively into adulthood.

MASDEV provided web design, hosting, and online donation management.

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AChoice2M8K.org screen shot

A Choice to Make

Pregnancy Resource Center

A Choice to Make started from the tremendous need to help women and men in crisis in the Pee Dee. It is the only independent pregnancy resource center in the Florence area. Established in 2009, the heart’s desire of this nonprofit organization is to provide a safe haven for women and men who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy.

MASDEV provided web design, hosting, and online donation management.

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ChefF3.com screen shot

Fit Fun Flavors

Personal Fitness Chef

Chef Sherry offers you her culinary experience, creativity, and passion as a means for you to experience great food on your terms.

MASDEV provided web design and hosting as well as social media promotion and advertising guidance.

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UnitedWayHartsville.org screen shot

The United Way of Hartsville


United Way advances the common good by creating opportunities for a better life for all. Their focus is on education, income, and health, because these are the building blocks for a good quality of life.

MASDEV provided web design, hosting, and online donation management.

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KressCorner.com screen shot

Kress Corner

Property Rentals and Management

Kress Corner is a 50,000 SF historic adaptive re-use that houses a number of apartments, offices, a rooftop bar, mercantile space and a corner restaurant, "Town Hall".

MASDEV also provided interior photography (residential) for this project.

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TrentHillCenter.org screen shot

Trent Hill Center


The Trent Hill Center for Children and Families will house Darlington County children who have been removed from their homes due to abuse and neglect, or are abandoned or homeless.The Center will provide a safe and loving space where children’s developmental, physical, emotional, social, educational, intellectual, and spiritual needs can be met as they await reunification with their families.

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ChandlerInvest.com screen shot

Chandler Investment Properties

Rental Properties

Chandler Investment Properties manages upscale furnished and unfurnished apartments in Florence, Hartsville, and Sumter SC.

This is the primary site for Chandler Investment Properties. MASDEV also developed three similarly-themed sites for each main property.

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ChandlerPointe.com screen shot

Chandler Pointe

Rental Properties

Chandler Pointe is setting the standard for luxury rentals in Florence, SC. With both unfurnished and fully furnished rental homes... it's your answer to luxurious contemporary living.

This is a related site to ChandlerInvest.com

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ChandlerCottages.com screen shot

Chandler Townhouses

Rental Properties

Chandler Townhouses are setting the standard for high-end rentals in Sumter, SC. Located in the historic district of Sumter, these town homes are well-equipped and fully furnished... your answer to luxurious contemporary living.

This is a related site to ChandlerInvest.com

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ChandlerCottages.com screen shot

Chandler Cottages

Rental Properties

Chandler Cottages are a set of upscale triplexes in Hartsville, SC.

This is a related site to ChandlerInvest.com

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